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FootLoose Labs

We Build Robots.

Our Robots.


Human-in-loop Robotic system to automate storage & order-fulfillment of mini-loads in high-density spaces.
Economise the cost, time & space consumed in storage & order-fulfillment of mini-load items.

#PharmacyRobot, #PharmacyAutomation, #DenseWarehouseRobot, #WarehouseAutomation


Assistive Robot Companion
Provide assistance & companionship to people.

#PersonalRobot, #ElderCareRobot, #RobotForEveryone

Our Toolchain.


Boilerplate for building human-telerobot applications.


Framework for building stateful & decoupled application interfaces.


Framework & Protocols for Task Agnostic knowledge transfer between rl agents.

While most of our toolchain is at the moment private & without requisite documentation, you can explore a few rough bits & pieces of it, or sync to any future updates at our github.

See our Github

Making essential medicines available everywhere.

Enabling reliable distribution of essential medicines through a network of around-the-clock robotic stores.

Democratising human movement

Transport human presence & manipulation capability anywhere instantaneously, enabling non-local utilisation of people in physical work or recreation.

Curiosity Having Fun.